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 Essential Information :
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Product's Name: Perfumery Grade Terpineol
Product's Specification:
Delivery Place:
Validity: 30 day
Issued Date: 2016-12-02 0:00:00

 Detailed Information :

Color & Appearance: Clolrless sticky oily transparent liquid Which color is below the No. 3 index of the colorimetric standard .
Odour:Scent of lilac like fragrance.
Relative Density at 25℃/25℃:0.930 to 0.936.
Refractive Index at 20℃:1.4825 to 1.4850.
Optical Activity:-0°10′ to +0°10′.
Boiling Range: between214℃to 224℃ 90%(V/V)min.distills within 5℃.
Solubility at 25℃:Soluble in 4 volumes of 60% alcohol.
Solidifying Point:+2℃min.
Origin:Semi-synthetic mixture from turpentine.
Uses:used in exellent lilac and lily of the floral scent type perfume as well as for higher class toilet soaps.
Packing:Packed in galvanized iron drums of 185kg net each.
Storage:The flashing point is 92℃,and belongs to the flmmable liquids.
Stabilty:Very stable to alkalis and heat, but not stable to acids,and not likely to discolour.

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