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 Essential Information :
Sell/Buy: Sell
Product's Name: ɑ-Pinene
Product's Specification: 175kg/drum or 20mts/ISO Tank
Packaging: Galvanized iron drum or ISO Tank Container
Price: contact for price
Delivery Place: Huangpu port or other China port
Validity: 30 day
Issued Date: 2017-01-12 0:00:00

 Detailed Information :

-Product Description:

ɑ-Pinene is a kind of colorless transparent liquid. It is obtained by distillation of gum turpentine.


ɑ-Pinene is a raw material for synthesizing high class camphor and terpene resin.

-Packing and Storage:

Galvanized iron drum of 175kg net, or ISO Tank Container, about 20 mts net; Storage in a cool & dry place, away form heat and fire.


 Contact Us:
Company Name: Guangdong Yuexingfa Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Sales
Tel: 020-82581917
Fax: 82103766
Zip Code: 510450
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